Our Services 

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service to our clients. This includes qualified investigators, experienced in today's technology and quality documentation. We provide services beyond your typical expectations which makes us stand out from your average investigative company.

Our experienced investigators are trained and managed in all elements of the investigation process by Qualified Manager, Edward Saucerman who has broad experience and expertise in all aspects of civil and criminal investigations. In addition to subrosa investigations, we specialize in a broad range of Claim Investigations within the public and private sector, handled by our most experienced Investigators.

Currently, The Titan Group, Professional Investigations is on panel with many insurance companies, and third party administrators (TPA) to investigate various claims and personal injury cases. Many of our clients are nationwide and local law firms, attorneys, government agencies, transit agencies, municipalities, school districts, colleges, corporate and personal clients.

 Workers' Compensation


Workers' Compensation investigations are handled by our highly trained investigators--who are employees and not subcontractors. We believe our work product is superior in content and effort. All investigations performed under the workers' compensation laws of your state are performed within legal parameters.

We are happy to handle your workers' compensation cases in:

  • All of Southern California including San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange County
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Michigan
  • Colorado
  • Oregon

 Human Resources


Human Resources cases are handled by our Qualified Manager and trained associates in all aspects of HR related investigations.

Many of these cases consist of:

  • Title IX
  • Sexual Harassment
  • EEOC filings
  • DFEH Complaints
  • Internal Investigation and various workplace harassment issues

 Family Law & Child Custody

Family Law Child Custody cases are handled with the most sensitive care as these cases are highly volatile and can lead to many end results for the mother or father. We pride ourselves in obtaining the evidence needed to win your case by providing proper documentation and video evidence when needed.


 Fraud Investigations

The Titan Group supports the community by providing professionals the information needed to fight fraud effectively. From benefits abuse and general insurance fraud to mortgage fraud, our investigators have the knowledge and experience to handle your case effectively. We have presented many cases to the DA and DOI (FD-1) for criminal prosecution

 Criminal Cases

Criminal cases are conducted by the Qualified Manager and our associates who bring many years of municipal and specialized policing to your case. We have a record of investigating cases from a simple assault to a multi victim homicide and have cases to prove it.

 Process Service

For service you can trust, process serving is done by registered process servers locally and can be handled nationally by the largest network of process servers in the nation, San Bernardino County RPS #918.

 Surveillance and Subrosa

Surveillance and subrosa are the same concept. Subrosa; the latin term “Under the Rose” indicates secrecy and confidentiality. Surveillance is an art in and of itself, where various techniques, tactics and covert measures are deployed to obtain crucial video evidence.

This evidence can mean the difference of validating a claim or uncovering fraud. Our investigators are all trained by the Qualified Manager in surveillance and continue to further their education with advanced surveillance education courses. Proper video documentation methods are used on all cases and various formats can be delivered to the client.

 Interviews & Statements

Interviews and statements are all conducted by well trained investigators who have performed thousands of interviews. In addition, we have received the highest level of training in interview and interrogation techniques. Statements can be taken recorded or by oral declaration. Many factors go into performing a quality investigation and rest assured you will receive a quality work product.


 Due Diligence

All our investigations end with you knowing what you paid for. We provide video and/or photographic evidence of all our work throughout the investigation process. Reports are continuously prepared and detail the completed work and findings in every case. You never have to worry about paying for something you did not receive.